Jardin d’enfance – Game jam ETPA

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Production carried out during a Game Jam organized by the ETPA among its different classes of « CRJV » (Design and production of video games).

The subject of this Game jam was : Communicate without talk.

There was no able to any interaction between the players in the game.. Whether spoken or written. Only by symbols.

Production :

We had chosen to design a game in which we play a child, who must communicate with his toys in order to make them go through hardships.

My part in this project :

During this project, I was positioned as a Game designer for the conceptualization of the game in the same way as the 4 other members of the group.

Then we separated the tasks, and we took care of the level design with a member of the team.

We conceptualized 7 mini games knowing that we would never have time to produce everything.


We then focused on the level building of two games.

In order to overcome the lack of time due to the Game jam, we did three iterations of the two games that we wanted to integrate.

Conceptualization of the different iterations of the first integrated game
Conceptualization of the different iterations of the second integrated game

To try it, do not hesitate to go on the itch.io page of « Jardin d’enfance ».

Softwares i used :

  • Unity

Crédits :

Valentin PIVOT-LEMEE – Game Designer | 3D Artist | Art Director
Damien LE MÂL – Game Designer | Lead Programmer
Néo JOLY – Game Designer | Level Designer | 3D Artist
Mathieu CABOT – Game Designer | 3D Artist | Art Director

Thanks to the management of the ETPA in Rennes.