Game developed within a group of students as part of the end of second year project during my video game design studies at ETPA in Rennes.

Horror game set in the LoveCraft universe, the player takes on the role of Edward, survivor of an invasion of hostile creatures in the city of athol, Massachusetts.

Being an end of year game, we had two months to develop it. So we made a vertical slice including the most important elements.

My job on this project :

Following the research carried out by the narrative designer and the concept artists on the architecture of the city where the game is located, I performed a blocking of the game environment.

Level blocking of the city

Once the blocking is done, the different enemies, collectibles and narrative elements are set.

Then, thanks to the different assets produced within the team, we made the artistic side of the level to give visual consistency.

To finish with, we did the level scripting with the Lead Programmer. Set up the different pathing of the enemies as well as their initial spawn point, the location of the save and the different doors with the keys that can open them.

For more information and / or to try the game, feel free to go to the « Jude » itch.io page.

Softwares i used :

  • Unity
  • GitHub

Credits :

Joseph RONZIER – Team Lead | Animation Artist | Programmer | Game Designer
Elvis GUERNION – Narrative Designer | Game Designer
Ugo TABONE – Concept Artist | UI Artist | Art Director | Game Designer | Graphist
Kévin NABOT – Concept Artist | 3D Artist | Art Director | Game Designer
Mathieu CHAFFRE – Lead Programmer | Game Designer | VFX Artist
Antoine RENOU – 3D Artist | Texture Artist | Game Designer
Paul SEMMEL – Game Designer

Thanks to the supervision of the teaching staff of ETPA in Rennes.