Who am I ?

I’m Yann Laforge, Game|Level designer junior.

I initially did a BTS « Service in organization » option « software solutions and applications »

Not having particularly appreciated this course, I decided to reorient myself in a course which fascinates me since as far as I remember : Video games

Initiated by my father in computers and video games, I quickly understood that the potential of discovery, fun, learning and meeting was endless in this media. From the Game Boy Color to the Switch via Playstations or Xbox I have played on a dozen of consoles, a multitude of diverse licenses and many more unique games than I couldn’t say.

With the experience as a player accumulated over the years, I decided to take the leap, not to stay on the level of the video game world as a gamer, but to enter in the industry as a creator. I hope to be able to bring my stone to the building, and transmit in the works in which I could participate as much wonder as I have received during my countless hours spent browsing the creations of many studios.