Falling Rocks

Game made during  programming courses. Programming course at the game design school « ETPA ».

I had to do a game in more or less a month.

To present this project, I don’t have any images, but for more information or to get a preview, I invite you to visit the itch.io page located at the end of the article.

The brainstorm

At first, i had in mind a lot of different games. But they were way too complicated.
I did a recap of two of my ideas that attracted me the most.

Then i started to list the elements, the obstacles and things that i could needed for the game. Once again the list was too long.

I wanted to make a game where you explore an asteroid with electrical energy to power up some tools, and things to survive. With some oxygen to deal with.

I realized that i didn’t have much time. So i make it even more simple.
An escape game where you have to open the exit door before you ran out of oxygen.

The developpement

I started to imagine the interior of the spaceship, the things the player will need, how to make it simple and what the obstacles would be. So I drew everything, and the pathing of the player.

I programmed the main functionalities. The possibility of taking objects, putting them in certain places, and the oxygen system which empties little by little.

Then i did the 3D models, i let the standard textures, I’ve just tweaks them as i wanted. I did tiles by tiles, to easily modify the Level design if necessary.

I did a little staging for the immersion as I could with the time I had.
The last thing I did besides fixing bugs was doing VFX for the obstacles that appeared as the player progressed.

The retrospection

I had a very long night before handing in the assignment.

I couldn’t finish everything I wanted.
The first things that i would do if i could enhance it would make a finish screen, or something to show the player that he reached the end. Then I would create an interface for all the text and the main menu which are blots in all this work.

The second thing and the last, would the sound design. Add some SFX and music could be really enjoyable.

For more information and / or to try the game, feel free to go to the « Falling Rocks » itch.io page.

Softwares i used :

  • Unity
  • Blender
  • Photoshop